Fit amputees anywhere in 1 appointment.

There is no need to travel back and forth between patient and workshop. All the tools for the Confidence Socket System fit into a small bag, creating your own mobile workshop. Fittings can now be done anywhere: at the hospital, patients homes and even remote areas. 


What's Inside? 

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Mobile Vacuum Pump 

Amparo’s vacuum pump is perfect to provide mobile fitting services. It is very small and easy to carry; enabling technicians to perform fittings almost anywhere.

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Vacuum Adapter Set

Amparo’s vacuum adapter is a unique tool designed to connect Amparo’s mounting plate to a vacuum pump. Simply screw this onto the Amparo Socket and away you go.

oven with cap new.png

The Amparo Mobile Oven 

Amparo’s mobile oven allows technicians to heat the Confidence Socket anywhere. Combined with a regular heat gun the socket is ready for fitting in just a few minutes. This tool collapses flat; making it easily portable.


Spacer Pads

The spacer pads are used to create space between the socket and the residual limb to protect sensitive areas. They are used to assist the fitting process and must be placed under the liner. Made of silicone, there are two pads of each size.



Paired with the Confidence Socket System, this Tool Set gives you the freedom to choose where you treat amputees.