The Confidence Socket can be used with two suspension systems


The Amparo Passive Valve System

The Amparo Passive Valve is a form of vacuum socket suspension system. The passive valve offers great comfort and reliability for amputees. This system offers a snug fit without resulting in high-pressure areas. This suspension system is used with liner and sleeve.

Amparo vacuum system

The Amparo Pin-Lock System

Amparo’s Pin-Lock is a clutch-lock style socket suspension system. The pin is fastened to a special liner that can then easily be attached to the prostheses. This eliminates the need for a sleeve, and promotes easy donning and doffing, with its quick release mechanism.

Amparo Pin-lock clutch lock



Passive Valve

  • Reduced pressure on impact area

  • Superior knee support

  • Increased comfort



  • Fast doning and doffing

  • Superior knee flexibility

  • Good ventilation


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Technical Specifications


The Amparo Vacuum System

Weight: 20g

Color: Blue

Mobility Grade: 1-3

The Amparo Pin-Lock System

Weight: 180g

Color: Black with Blue release-mechanism

Mobility Grade: 1-3