Our Story 

From a university project to an award winning company  

It all started in 2014...

...as a university project, when a group of students were challenged to come up with a better solution for below knee amputees. They travelled the world listening to amputees and understanding their pains and tribulations, as well as learning from orthopaedic technicians and other specialists from the field.

They noted that arguably the most delicate aspect to a prosthesis is the socket, as this component makes direct contact with the stump and thus, requires the most customization to each individual amputee. Further, since the stump is constantly changing, especially after surgery, it became clear that a comfortable socket should adapt to volume fluctuations. 

Therefore, the Confidence Socket, a completely remoldable solution, was created to support recent amputees on their first steps.  A methodology that redefines prosthetic care and has the potential to change the entire industry. And so, amparo was born. Driven by the will to empower amputees by making prosthetics that are simple, fast, and high-quality.


Providing the confidence to restart your new life was the driving force to creating amparo. We wanted to create something that would truly empower amputees to recover quickly and resume their lives comfortably.
— Lucas Paes De melo, CEO




Mobility, for everyone

Our vision of restoring mobility to amputees in the most remote regions is slowly coming to life. Our mobile rehabilitation clinic, Amparo Clinic, has started a campaign called 'Yes I Care' to raise funds to provide prosthesis to those who really need it.  



We wouldn't be here today without the help from a lot of friends and peers along the way. This is our way to "shout" you out and express our sincerest gratitude. 

  • Isabel  Bahiana Wotzasek for her support from the very beginning,  graphic design, and creativity in pushing the project forward
  • Matthew Dion for his expert research, networking and enthusiasm from day one
  • Jessica Menold for her entrepreneurial spirit and 'let’s get it done' attitude that pushed us forward in the early phases of the project
  • Professor Eric Ledet from RPI for his mentoring and helping us see the potential in our ideas
  • Professor Katharina Hölzler from Uni Potsdam for her great advice and opening up big doors for our big ideas
  • Professor Claudia Nicolai and Professor Uli Weinberg from the HPI school of Design Thinking for providing the opportunity to work with the d.school and coaching that came with it.
  • Professor Matt Parkinson for always telling us what we needed to hear even if it wasn’t what we wanted to hear