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Fit patients in 1 appointment with our direct-mold technology 

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Fast, Remoldable, Mobile.    

The Confidence Socket System


A revolution in interim socket technology 

Fits directly on the residual limb, like a second skin, meaning everything can be done in just one appointmentIf the patient's leg changes, so does the socket. It's engineered with an innovative thermoplastic material that enables it to be remolded for the ultimate comfort and fit at all times. 





Advantages of the Amparo® System


REMOLDABLE: Volume Accomodation

The Confidence Socket System can be completely remolded multiple times due to its innovative low-temperature thermoplastic blend.  This offers total comfort to recent amputees during their recovery phase, as the residual limb dramatically changes its volume and shape. After reheating the socket, technicians can easily provide a perfect socket fit. 


FAST: Simple and Quick Fitting  

The Confidence Socket is ready to use in the 1st appointment.  Contrary to traditional methods, it is molded directly onto the patient's residual limb like a second skin. The entire fitting process is now reduced to a few simple steps.  Since there is no need to wait for the socket fabrication, the patient can focus on what is truly important: rehabilitation.  


MOBILE: Your Workshop in a Bag

The Confidence Socket can be fitted anywhere outside of an orthopedic workshop, either in the hospital or at the patients home. There is no heavy machinery required. In fact, all tools fit in a sports bag. It's excellent for technicians who want to offer mobile services, or have to travel long distances to provide a prosthesis. Therefore, ideal for patients who have a hard time commuting or need to receive home care.


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Increasing access to prosthetic care, worldwide.

It is amparo's vision to offer simple, cost-efficient and high-quality products to restore mobility. Our focus revolves around providing comfort as well as preventing long-term health problems.

This vision inspired the development of our technology, enabling technicians to provide better prothetic care to their clients. One of amparo's greatest goals is to provide the 90% of amputees, currently without access to prothetic care, with cost-efficient products that work even in inaccessible areas.

This is why amparo GmbH is doing research to substantially improve prosthetic sockets and DirectFit sockets, and enhance tools to support orthopaedic technicians.

This project is co-funded by the European Fonds for regional development (Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE)).