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Get on your feet sooner with the
world's fastest fitting prosthetic socket.

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Less time waiting, more time living    

The Confidence Socket


A revolution in interim socket technology 

Fits directly on the residual limb, like a second skin, in only 1 hour. If the patient's stump changes, so does the socket. It's engineered with an innovative thermoplastic material that enables it to be remolded for the ultimate comfort and fit at all times. 


Fast. Remoldable. Mobile.


Extremely fast and simple fitting process, the prosthesis is ready in a single appointment. The sooner rehabilitation starts, the better for the patient. 

Adaptable to the amputee's needs, the socket is easily remolded for stump volume changes. Comfort is fundamental for a faster recovery.

 Only basic tools are required and they all fit in a sports bag. The fitting can happen anywhere, from the hospital to the patient's home.

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a team driven to

empower amputees



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Amputees, start confident 

Restoring mobility and your confidence is our biggest goal. We want to give you the tools and resources to progress through rehabilitation and thrive in your new life as an amputee. 





Yes I Care - Campaign

'Yes I Care' is our initiative to improving access to prosthesis all over the world.  Everyone deserves to live a life without limitations. We pledge to think about those who do not have adequate access to prosthetic care and through donations help to restore their mobility. 


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