Below-Knee Interim Prosthesis

Designed so that fitting can occur anywhere and with optimal efficiency, so rehabilitation can begin immediately. By accommodating volume changes throughout the entire recovery phase, it provides maximum comfort. Now amputees can rely on one socket for their entire interim phase and walk again with confidence.



Fit Patients Anywhere

Alongside the Confidence Socket, amparo has created a tool-kit that allows you to take your workshop with you for fast and mobile services. Everything you need to use our system and fit patients, fits inside a small bag. Fittings can occur anywhere from the hospital, patients home, or remote areas. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.57.58.png




Ready for the first steps in only 1 hour. Confidence Socket is directly molded to residual limb, reducing the fitting process to a few simple steps. 



Reshape the entire socket up to 10 times. Simple repeat the molding process for an entire new shape, or make local adjustments according to stump volume changes.



Fit patients anywhere in 1 appointment. Our toolkit fits into a small bag so your workshop becomes mobile. Fittings can occur anywhere; hospital, patients home, or remote areas.