Amparo Partners up with HPI School of Design Thinking

Design Thinking Workshop

At Amparo we are committed to revolutionizing the health care system and improving the life of amputees all over the world. With everything we do, we practice empathy in order to truly understand the lives of the people want to impact. In doing so, we partnered up with the Design Thinking School at Hasso Plattner Institute, to create Amp League (our NGO arm), whose focus will be to provide mobile rehabilitation services for amputees in developing countries.

For two months, two cross-functional teams consisting of 5 Design Thinkers each, tackled the challenge: “Redesign the fundraising experience for donors to Amp League that will provide prosthetic services for amputees in developing countries”. Both teams had members with vastly different professional backgrounds, to create a better and more complete solution.

The teams began understanding the situation of the stakeholders involved in existing fundraising processes. They interviewed technicians, NGO specialists, potential donors and amputees. Some interesting insights gained by both teams during their research were that donors need to understand the history behind a cause to gain empathy and donate. Further research showed that the donation process must be simple, that donors need to see that their actions yield a large impact, and finally they have to feel some kind of connection to the cause they are donating to.


The teams figured out that the best way to connect donors to Amp League’s cause is to bring awareness to the idea of Mobility. To illustrate this, amputee’s from developing countries without prosthetics devices are lacking mobility to perform their daily tasks. Because of this, they are unable to live to their full potential. With Mobility as their theme, they started to ideate a solution to prototype and test.

The first team, named “Brosthesis”,  designed the idea of a marathon where the participants run to raise money for a specific amputee. This enables the runners to be in direct contact with the people they are supporting. The team “One leg-gendary” designed a partnership model involving different Mobility providers – transportation companies, sports/ sportswear companies, etc. – whose users can easily donate a percentage of their purchase to the cause. After the prototypes were completed, the Amp League developed a strong slogan:

Move to move others

Amparo is really excited about this project and is studying ways to implement these innovative ideas. We are planning a pilot project in South Africa to provide prothesis to people without access to health care services in the beginning of 2018. In the meantime, check out our Yes I Care campaign and join us in moving the world.