Amparo´s new Brand Identity

We are extremely excited to reveal our new brand identity! In this post we wanted to take the opportunity not only to present our final brand identity design, but also to describe our process of how we reached the end result. Eva Voscort, our new designer in charge, is the responsible for the entire process.


The brief

Before starting, we created  a design brief. To do that we completed interviews with all team members to make sure we know who we are to communicate our "brand values" successfully. 

Our brand is about technology, professionalism, simplicity & disruptive innovation. At the same time we want to portrait a very open and friendly personality as we know we deal with people in their most vulnerable hours. We want our users to trust us with their health.

The process

We started by looking at the circle. We liked the idea of developing a logo from simple curves and decided it should be as round as the world of orthopaedics. In this image you can see how all the letters were developed from only two curves.


We loved the idea of the cut out in the icon as it gave wings to peoples' imagination. People saw a supportive hand ( [am’paro]: Portuguese for support), an encouraging smile or simply an a made out of two parts, whereas the bottom part smoothly integrates into the letter to form a whole. This is how our prosthesis will look like - a natural continuation of people's bodies. 

LinkedIn_Icon _300px-07.png

The colours

We wanted a colour that was fresh & vibrant, technical but also welcoming. We decided to go for shades of blue & turquoise all packed in a lush gradient. This gives the feel of modern technology while still being natural and fresh. We appreciated the way the gradient stands for movement and transition and hope to support as many people as possible with our products :)