Amparo @ DKOU17

The four day DKOU17 Congress was a whirlwind of ideas being explored, research findings being discussed, and exciting innovative technologies lighting up the exhibition hall. It is the German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery and it is the biggest of its kind in Europe. The numbers speak to that truth, as 11,208 participants rolled through the vast Messe Berlin from the 24th through to the 27th of October. This year, ‘Motion is Life’ was the theme, hitting a special note in our hearts here at amparo as we work tirelessly to give amputees the ability to move after their surgery. We wanted to share our personal connection to this theme so we got involved, set up our stand, and shared our passion and solutions for a life without limitations.


Motion is a fundamental condition of our health and losing that ability to freely and painlessly move yields a significant dip in your quality of life. This congress was brimming with organizations and people whose life work is preventing, mending, or making movement more bearable from the wear and tear of joints. Our stand had one focus, and that was empowering amputees. With orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, exhibitors and students alike, we shared how our Confidence Socket is designed to empower recent amputees to get back on their feet quickly and comfortably. 


It was incredible to receive all the positive feedback on our product, as many doctors and orthopaedic technicians commented on the innovation of the unique low-temperature thermoplastic which makes molding and remolding the socket during recovery possible. It gave us the energy and confidence to keep working at it as we prepare to launch early next year. For insights on the science, research and learnings of the conference check out this round-up. See you next year!!

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