What Are We Fighting For? Amparo's Branding Workshop

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“Social stigmas, Inaccessibility, Limitations…” these are a handful of the ‘enemies’ we at amparo are fighting against. Last week, our team gathered together for a full afternoon branding workshop. Abundant snacks, coffees, and sticky notes in tow, we delved into what truly mattered to us. These ‘enemies’ we outlined yielded from a game called, Arch Nemesis, where we put our heads together to understand what are the villans that amparo wants to abolish. Other enemies included; disability, inefficiency, and injustice amongst a few others.

Our small team, comprised of people from vastly different backgrounds and an array of different countries, were united when it came to the mission that wakes us up every morning and keeps us at the office late at night…empowering amputees. Making sure every amputee has the chance to resume their normal life as quickly as possible is the reason we have focused on creating the best interim prosthetic socket. This is the first socket recent amputees will experience while taking their first steps and adapting to this new life. Knowing this, we wanted to make sure our brand reflected the same passion, empathy, and spirit we exhibit as a team every day.

Co-Founder Lucas leading a session

The most exciting activity was one named ‘Front Page News’ where we had to contemplate, what does our success look like? What would the caption be on the front page of a major global news article? The answers were compelling.

“Low-tech, high impact…How one single solution changed millions of lives”

“The last amputee without prosthesis walking now”

“Amparo makes the biggest donation of prostheses to date!”

It was exciting to see that the team had the same vision of success: changing people’s lives for the better. It was an epic afternoon that fueled our promise of providing a prosthesis that is simple, fast and can reach the most remote areas of the world. With amparo, everyone in need will be back on their feet again.