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We want to make sure you are well equipped for your road to rehabilitation.

Consider this page like a helping hand, an up-to-date resource for all your questions and concerns. We will regularly update articles, blog posts, and answer any inquiries you have promptly.  


Glossary of Terms   

New to the world of amputations and prosthetics, here is every term you may come across defined!   


Support & Resources 

Amputee Coalition - This is an amazing non-profit organization aimed to educate, support and advocate for people with limb loss. You can ask them any questions through their website, find out about support groups in your region, and browse their many online guides and FAQs. 

Limbless Association - A great charity based out of the UK looking to support and provide information to the limb-loss community.  They always have some fun events going on so a regular visit to this website is a must. 

Limbs4Life - This website offers an extensive collection of real life amputee stories, peer support, and downloadable education on amputation.

Amputee Concierge – A 100% free resource for amputees and their families geared toward helping find answers to everyday questions a new amputee or family member may encounter.

Reddit - Reddit is a user powered social media site that has over 3 million registered users. The website is organized into sub-reddits or categories and the amputee sub-reddit is very active.  For a website full of support for you to ask questions, give advice, or to bring your hopes up, this community goes a long way.

*There are countless support/Facebook groups.  Find one in your area by googling "your region + amputee support group" 


#EmpoweredAmputee Gallery 

#EmpoweredAmputee is a series we have started to discover the incredible journey behind every amputee. This is a platform for anyone to share their story, to relate with one another, help other amputees in similar situations or to simply inspire.

*Click the images to read the stories of these amputees below, and feel free to fill out our form on the bottom of this page to share your story with us too :) 

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